Chief's recommendation

We all agree that mushrooms are healthy and rich in various vitamins.

I love using them in my secret recipes. But since the Forest Secret spreads exist, I consume them every day and use them in my meals with great pleasure. Be sure to try them.

Igor Belošević Chef and owner of the AVALA restaurant
Taca Miletic - Mytastypot

Great spreads of the highest quality! A real example of a domestic, family business that is conquering the world!

Dejana Stanković - My 365 days

The change in diet allowed me to get to know a whole new world of tastes and smells. I discovered the forest secret quite by accident, although I don't believe in coincidence. I liked everything, from the packaging to the composition and taste. From then until today, there is always at least one jar of these spreads with chickpeas and mushrooms in our refrigerator. What always makes me happy is the success of domestic products, especially when it is obvious with how much love and effort they were made.

Miroslava Bogdanovski - Minja's Kitchen

When I want a lighter meal, I often reach for fine spreads from the Forest Secret and toasted bread. My favorite spread is with black truffles, I often spread it on freshly baked bread and it's a real treat for all the senses :)
Spreads are great because you can combine them, as well as fill salty baskets and serve at the feast table.

Tanja Oladžija - Hello Tanja

I love Forest Secret because of its great taste and great composition, which is always an important item for me as a nutritionist. For that reason, Forest Secret is often found in my diet plans and all my clients are always looking forward to it. Personally, it is my favorite truffle, although it is difficult to single out just one taste.

Danijela Stojanović - Mom's life

As someone who loves chickpeas and mushrooms of all kinds, I was thrilled to hear that a spread of them exists, Forest Secret.
It was love at first bite! I was delighted with the persistent and very nice taste, which won over my then one-and-a-half-year-old daughter Sara.




Chickpea is gluten-free and rich in protein and fiber, and as accompanying elements are vitamins and minerals. It is also a great source of iron because cooked chickpea contains twice as much iron as meat.

Himalayan salt:

It is far healthier than common kitchen or sea salt. No matter the advances in technology this salt is even today extracted and washed by hands. It is also dried naturally in the sun and then packed in organic bags. This salt contains high quantity of iron, calcium, magnesium and sodium. Has favorable effect on digestion and improves the functioning of kidneys and liver and has a good effect on the mood.

Cold pressed oil:

Cold pressed oil is obtained by mechanically pressing the seeds. In this way the oil fully retains all dietary substances, above all essential fatty acids that the seeds are naturally rich in. Organically grown sunflower is rich in vitamins A, E, B i D. Extra virgin organic oil helps to lower cholesterol in blood, expands blood vessels and prevents blood clots.